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Intranet is finally given the update it so desperately deserves with Microsoft SharePoint

Empower your team with Microsoft SharePoint

There was a time not long ago when the mention of the word ‘intranet’ would conjure up connotations of a clunky and outdated system that was simply not fit for purpose. Thankfully, this business software application has finally been given the update it so desperately deserves with Microsoft SharePoint developments.

With a web-based SharePoint solution, you can organise company documents in one central location, share and manage content with your team and empower them with the tools to work on projects remotely and efficiently. With silverlimes managing your SharePoint migration from unsatisfying legacy solutions to the software of tomorrow, you can wave goodbye to ineffective intranet and say hello to seamless collaboration, wherever your employees may be.

Optimised intranet made easy

The team of SharePoint consultants at silverlimes have accrued over ten years of experience in working with all aspects of this platform, meaning we’re uniquely placed to offer our insight and expertise. Our specialist consultancy services can help you upgrade your intranet and maximise your business potential, including…

SharePoint Intranet Design

Existing intranet implementations are often cumbersome and inefficient. With our help, you can whip up an attractive and intuitive design scheme within your SharePoint development which organises document libraries into the hierarchies you desire and incorporates the apps, features and frameworks that you favour, then deploy it all onto your SharePoint solution.

SharePoint Development

Make your SharePoint solution work for you with out-of-the-box components that have been specially tailored to meet your needs. Through customised development and no-code solutions, we can boost security, enhance automation and improve end user experience, all in a single stroke.

SharePoint Migration

Migrating your data and applications to a shiny new SharePoint environment is a challenging task without professional help of a SharePoint consultant. We make things easy by itemising the inventory of your data, managing its migration with a third-party application, then locking down those resources in their new home safely and securely.

SharePoint Helpdesk

Leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and automation is the ideal way to provide your customers with the answers they need at the drop of a hat. We’ll work with you to develop knowledge base systems, intelligent chatbots and screen-sharing capabilities that will solve site problems with the minimum of fuss.

SharePoint Version Control

When working collaboratively on documents, it’s a fact that mistakes can be made. In the past, that meant lost documents, wasted productivity and even company downtime. Thanks to the use of Version Control within your SharePoint solution, you can store and revert to previous versions of your documents, as well as track down where the error originated to prevent it from happening again.

SharePoint Integration

Gone are the days when a successful business could allow its online operations to exist in silos. By merging your SharePoint activities with all other aspects of your digital identity – including Office 365, Dynamics 365 and Azure – you can achieve optimum outcomes for your employees and your end users.

SharePoint Customisation

No matter how advanced and impressive a ready-made SharePoint solution can be, there will always be opportunities to improve its abilities. silverlimes can adopt Power Platform technologies to build low- and no-code apps and other tools that will equip your employees with the back-end tools they need for success.

SharePoint Support

Whether it’s an issue with the design of your SharePoint solution or a persistent problem plaguing multiple customers, the silverlimes team are always on hand to help with any teething troubles your team might encounter. Our call centre is at your command, whenever you need us. Now that’s peace of mind you can rely on.

Sharing the wealth with SharePoint

The prospect of upgrading your existing intranet system to a streamlined SharePoint solution should be an appetising one – but it can also seem daunting to those unfamiliar with the tech. That’s why silverlimes is here to guide you every step of the way of your SharePoint migration, from initial planning and migration right through to overall integration and after-care support.

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