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These days, it seems like there’s an app, technological tool or software package to address any issue. But what if you didn’t have to wait for a developer to create the perfect solution to the unique problem that’s afflicting your enterprise? With Microsoft Power Platform, you have low-code and no-code app development and fixes for all kinds of niche tasks is in your hands.

As a comprehensive platform which encompasses all of Microsoft’s major software innovations – including Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure and many, many more – it empowers business owners like never before. However, the sheer depth of capabilities and possibilities that Microsoft Power Platform offers can be overwhelming to the uninitiated.

That’s where silverlimes comes in. We can analyse your business setup and identify areas where Power Platform can benefit you the most. Then we’ll devise and implement an approach to ensure you achieve optimum performance in all of your operations.

Giving your company the springboard for success 

Power BI

Learn to make sense of the masses of data you collect about your customer base, painting a vivid picture of their needs and wants. Armed with that information, you can tweak your business model to improve customer satisfaction and boost profit margins, all thanks to Power BI’s intuitive interface and incredible abilities.

Power Apps

For a busy modern business, new operational issues are likely to crop up every day of the week. Power Apps put the ability to craft low-code and no-code app development and solutions to those problems into your hands, allowing you to roll with the punches and optimise your modus operandi in real-time. Now that’s control worth crowing over.

Microsoft Power Automate

Much of the day-to-day dealings of a successful business can get bogged down by menial or repetitive tasks. Unlock the manifold benefits of Microsoft Power Automate by delegating those processes to artificial intelligence, thereby freeing up your own staff’s brainpower to tackle more challenging (and more lucrative) endeavours. Microsoft Power Automate is adaptable to all sorts of businesses or types of tasks.

Power Virtual Assistant

In a world where consumers demand instantaneous answers to their questions and employees need prompt feedback on any obstacles they encounter, the advantages of a Power Virtual Assistant cannot be underestimated. Summon up intelligent chatbots at scale and without any coding expertise to meet the needs of both.

Migrate, implement, oversee

Managing the transition from the status quo to a future-proofed business model backed by Power Platform can be a tricky proposition. We can work closely with you to identify business goals, draw up a project plan, accommodate any special requests and implement execution – as well as providing oversight after the fact.

Best practice guidance

Sometimes, the proximity of a business owner to their enterprise means they can’t see the wood for the trees with regard to operational efficiency and performance. Our experts can help you leverage Power Platform’s capabilities to iron out inconsistencies and optimise all of your operations, streamlining your business model for success.

Training and teaching

There’s no use in having Microsoft Power Platform’s awesome arsenal at your disposal if your staff are unsure how to use them. With our dedicated training sessions and bespoke educational packages, we can help you get your head around the tech at a time and venue that are convenient for your company.

Troubleshooting support

Even after you’ve successfully put in place a plan of action and it feels like you’ve gotten to grips with the software at your disposal, life has a funny way of throwing you curveballs and upsetting your operations. If you’re stuck on a particularly difficult troubleshooting issue, our dedicated support team is just a phone call away.

Specialist support from the experts 

At silverlimes, we’re well aware that Microsoft Power Platform packs quite a punch. Although the potential benefits it can offer your business are off the charts, so too are the logistical difficulties associated with understanding how it’s applicable to your company.

That’s why our specialists are here to help you make the most of this awesome suite of tools and applications, giving your company the platform it needs to prosper.

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