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Azure consultants with years of experience leveraging every aspect of cloud computing

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As fully-certified Azure consultants, silver limes have the experience and knowledge to ensure your organisation gains the maximum benefit from a Microsoft Azure installation. Azure is a cloud computing platform that encompasses an ever-growing collection of integrated applications, programmes, and services. From cloud-based storage and database hosting to up-to-the-minute analytics and networking capabilities, there is a multitude of ways in which Azure can help your business thrive.

Making the most of the virtually limitless potential of Azure can only be achieved with a comprehensive understanding of everything the platform has to offer. At silverlimes, we’re Microsoft Azure consultants with years of experience in leveraging every aspect of cloud computing to boost your business.

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Wealth of Experience

With over 15 years’ experience in the field, we’ve encountered, installed, developed, fixed and optimised almost anything you can imagine.

Certified Experts

When we say experts, it’s not just a figure of speech. Our Microsoft Partner team are certified for Power Apps, Office 365 and SharePoint.

Good Company

Lloyds TSB, O2, the BBC and even the Ministry of Defence. When you work with silverlimes, you join a long list of well-established, fully satisfied clients.

24/7 Support

IT problems can strike at any time. Rest assured, we’re on hand whenever you need us for urgent support and emergency fixes.

Extensive and comprehensive Azure support

Migration made easy

Cloud computing is the way of the future, in fact, it’s already here. The sooner you make the transition, the sooner you’ll be able to take advantage of the incredible abilities that a platform like Azure brings with it. We’ll help to oversee the migration of legacy applications, customer databases and all other systems to the cloud with the minimum of fuss. We also appreciate that this a new environment for many clients so our Azure support is carefully configured to inform and reassure at every stage.

Support for all systems

Azure is fluent in almost every programming language imaginable. It supports the broadest range of operating systems. It is capable of accommodating all kinds of tools, frameworks, databases and devices. Simply put, it adapts to whatever works best for you. Azure speaks your language – and so do we.

Expand your IT infrastructure

For those who aren’t quite ready to take the full plunge, a hybrid Azure cloud solution allows you to retain storage and ownership of whichever assets you choose, be they servers, databases or connections. In a similar way, our modular Azure support, allows you to expand your IT infrastructure while shrinking costs at the same time.

Complete peace of mind

As the first major cloud computing platform provider to adopt the new standard on international cloud privacy (ISO 27018), Microsoft have always been pacesetters when it comes to security. Rest assured that your data is fully protected behind the world’s finest cyber security technology. As Azure consultants, we will walk you through every step to ensure all the necessary protocols are in place from the outset.

Scalable solutions for a growing enterprise

The beauty of Azure is that you only ever pay for what you use, allowing you to scale your operations up or down at the drop of a hat and not be penalised for doing so. With a pledge to always match the prices offered by their competitors and real-time, pay-per-minute billing options, it’s affordable and transformational. Our Azure support set-up ensures that your specific requirements are fulfilled, nothing more, nothing less.

Global access

After migrating to the cloud, you’ll be able to access your systems from any device, at anytime, anywhere in the world. What’s more, Microsoft’s expansive network of data centres is located in more parts of the globe than its two major competitors (Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud) combined. How’s that for accessibility?

Analytics aid advancement

Our comprehensive support for Azure allows you to harness the power of big data by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to gain new insights, identify old weaknesses and shore up your business strategies going forwards. Not only will that result in better customer satisfaction for your target market, but increased profit margins and optimal business success as well.

Tried and tested

It’s no mystery why Microsoft is such a household name. Now, with Azure, they’re taking their reputation to the cloud and beyond. Not convinced by their credentials? You should know that two-thirds of Fortune 500 companies trust Azure to provide their cloud computing services – and you should too.

Making sense of it all

Azure is undoubtedly an attractive package of tools, programmes and applications – but the sheer scale of options it offers can be overwhelming. That’s especially true when every business has different limitations, needs and objectives. Understanding how Azure can specifically help your business succeed is paramount to unlocking its true potential. That’s where we come in. As highly experienced Microsoft Azure consultants, we know the ins and outs of how the platform works and we constantly stay on top of the cycle of evolutions and expansions that it undergoes.

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