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At silverlimes, we’re dedicated to taking the hassle out of IT and automation for your business. To achieve that, we pride ourselves on clarity and transparency from the moment you get in touch.

To keep things clear from the outset, we’ve put together some information on how we work, including our methods, working processes and prices.

The MoSCow method

Every project starts with an initial meeting, where we’ll work to create a MoSCoW document outlining the project brief and requirements, including:

  • Must haves (M)
  • Should haves (S)
  • Could haves (C)
  • Won’t haves (W)

This provides clarity on your brief from the start of the project, so we can work to your specific requirements. As well as giving us a clear roadmap, it lets you and your team know exactly what you can expect from the project.

Read on to see our approach to projects…

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Take a step-by-step look at our approach

High Level Design

For more technical projects, we will also provide a High-Level Design (HLD) document. This will cover the system architecture and database design, focusing on the relation between different modules and the function of the system.

Data flow, flow charts and data structures are all covered in an HLD document, giving you a clear idea of how everything will work when the project is completed.

Project milestones

IT projects are hugely important for your business. So it’s only natural you’ll want to stay up to date with their progress and in the loop when it comes to development. We provide project milestones on every assignment, allowing our team and yours to meet up during the development, update on progress, discuss direction and brainstorm on new ideas.

Project milestones also provide an opportunity to negotiate payment if any new ideas are decided upon. That could be an additional feature for your bespoke app or a slightly broader scope for your automation project, for example.

Testing the product

At silverlimes, we don’t simply develop solutions and leave you in the lurch. We’ll make sure your finished product is fully tested and any bugs eliminated. That includes User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to verify that the solution actually works for your users.

Where required, we’ll complete rigorous UAT before software is moved to the production environment. Rest assured, we’ll use tried-and-tested DevOps practices to accelerate the testing process and minimise delays for your finished solution.

Low-Level Design

When development is completed, we can provide a Low-Level Design (LLD) document which goes into more detail about the way your solution works. Digging deeper than the HLD, LLD is a very concise document that defines and describes the logic behind every system component.

With our clear and concise LLD document, you’ll gain an understanding of every component, module and feature of your program, their specifications and their purpose.

Hand over document

Last but certainly not least, we’ll put together a comprehensive hand over document to complete the project. To do so, we’ll go through all the requirements covered in the original MoSCoW document and any scope or brief changes from the project milestones.

Only when every requirement is met and every box is ticked will we hand over the solution and final documentation to your team.

Ongoing support

When you work with silverlimes, you get a friendly, dedicated team that’s on hand whenever you need us. Once your project is complete, we’re happy to provide ongoing support services whenever and wherever required. We’ll provide you with a support number and email address, so you’ll always have a prompt response for any issues or queries.

Our ongoing support services are covered within your warranty period, which can be negotiated at the start of each project. Alternatively, we can arrange a separate support package when the project is completed or simply assist you on an ad-hoc basis.

Site Visits

Sometimes, phone calls and virtual meetings simply won’t suffice – especially when we’re discussing something as important and complex as IT and automation.

Thankfully, we’re based in Leicester – conveniently situated smack bang in the middle of England. That means we can reach almost any UK office within a few hours, so meetings can be done in a setting that suits you.

We’re happy to travel to your office for an initial meeting, or for every project update if you would prefer.


Costs are a critical consideration for every project. Far too often, developers will entice you in with a low base rate, only to bump up the cost with hidden charges and unexpected extras. Not at silverlimes.

First and foremost, we provide free one-hour consultations on all new projects. We’ll then give you a fixed price quote for your project, including everything that’s required from the initial brief.

Any changes to the scope of the project can be negotiated as and when required. We also have an hourly charge for one-off fixes or ad-hoc support.

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