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What does the automation audit cover?

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Find out how your business can save time and money through automation with a free, bespoke audit from the expert automation consultants at silverlimes.

What does the automation audit cover?

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The free audit is completed during a free 30 minute consultation. In partnership with you on a video call, we’ll talk through your business processes and review the following:

  • Existing operation – Looking at day to day tasks, approval processes and any business process automation already in place.
  • Problems – Identifying issues like time consumption, communication gaps, delays and human mistakes.
  • Solutions – Assessing how we can use tools to develop a bespoke solution for your business using process automation software.
  • Case studies – Providing examples of similar business processes automation and how effective it has been.
  • Consolidation – Discussing how we can add processes together into one solution, giving you more automation power for less.

After the call, you’ll receive a summary of the audit with the key action points and our recommendations for automation.

The power of business task automation on your side

Automation is a powerful tool for any business. In most cases, you’ll already have the tools you need to make it happen with your existing Office 365 subscription. All that’s missing is the know-how. That’s where silverlimes comes in.

We use Microsoft Power Automate to combine your business solutions using a variety of connectors, triggers and actions. That includes new connectors for specific requirements to develop bespoke business process automation flows.

Our team also uses Logic Apps for more complex, resource-driven business processes automation work. Rest assured, we’ll always assess your requirements and make the correct choice on which product is best for costs, ease-of-use and return on investment.

How can automation help you?

Approval of workflows

Spending too much time approving work or holiday requests? Process automation software can eliminate the back and forth of emails and associated delays with automatic approval requests when items are created or modified.

Security classification

Automatically classify documents for flawless security. Security classification checks a documents metadata and files it accordingly for authorised users only, with no chance of human error.

User interface flows

Take the manual work out of website forms with a bespoke user interface flow that puts information directly where it’s needed – optimising contact forms, customer orders or something more specific.

Routine checks

Create a custom app for routine checks like safety inspections or quality control. All of the checks, information and questions you need in one place – linked directly to your existing system.

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